ABS plastic electroplating equipment
Plastic electroplating (POP) requires some special techniques because the substrate is non-conductive.Among them, the metal nickel plays a very important role in it.
Zinc and galvanized process
Zinc plating has a relatively low cost, protection and good appearance, making it a commonly used coating in industrial applications of fasteners, metal stamping parts, auto parts and manufacturing parts, and can even be used as an effective spraying bottom layer.
PCB and PCB wet process
In the electronics industry, circuit boards are the basic carrier for the connection of electronic components. On an insulated substrate, the copper plate is etched into an engineering circuit. Because of the screen printing method, it is called a printed circuit board (PCB).
Gantry electroplating equipment
Gantry electroplating equipment, mainly used in large-scale semiconductor cleaning, aerospace, automotive, 5G communications, 3C products and other electroplating fields, has a wide range of applications.
Photovoltaic copper plating equipment
Photovoltaic copper plating equipment, mainly used for photovoltaic cell silicon wafers and other copper plating instead of silver paste.