Roll to roll sputtering equipment
It is used for ion source pre-cleaning, adhesion layer sputtering, and Cu metal layer sputtering on flexible substrates (PET, etc.), and is closely connected with the our electroplating production line.
Vacuum non-standard PVD and CVD equipment
Vacuum non-standard PVD and CVD equipment, non-standard customization of various vacuum coating equipment according to user process requirements.
JCP magnetron coating series
The JCP magnetron coating series is used to deposit metal films such as Cu, Al, Ti, Wu, and Ge on flexible film substrates such as PET.The maximum coating width of this series of equipment is 1560mm, and the maximum roll diameter Φ600mm can be plated.
Large continuous coating production line
Large-scale continuous coating production line, the coating production line is a horizontal structure, which can be plated with ITO, metal, non-metal and other materials on the surface of solar silicon wafers, glass, etc.
Roll to roll vacuum evaporation coating equipment
Its winding speed is 800m/min, the plateable width is 1100~2500mm, and the maximum winding speed is 1000m/min. The product series include resistance evaporation, induction evaporation plating, zinc sulfide dielectric film and other equipment.