Product introduction:
1.FPC. Robotic arm, automatic loading and unloading, no auxiliary fixture tools; 2.Flat board surface and high running stability; 3.Fixed size in vertical direction, high plating uniformity; 4.Vertical continuous plating, large production capacity & high filling rate; 5.Independent patented design of transmission guide rail and fixture device.
Product features:
1.FPC manipulator fully automatic loading and unloading, no need to assist smelting tools 2.The board surface is flat and the operating stability is high 3.Fixed size in the vertical direction, high electroplating uniformity 4.Vertical continuous electro
Technical Parameter
VCP-K260 Product introduction
Specification parameters

Plate thicknessplate widthplate heightcopper-plated thickness

Fixed size=250um
Allow customer customization

According to customer needs
line speeduniformityanodeScope of application
0.3-2m/min10um±1umsoluble anode or insoluble anode

FPC sheet, primary copper, first copper plating, hole filling, nickel plating, etc.

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