Enterprise Dynamics
  • VCP Equipment Department
    VCP Equipment Department

    It mainly manufactures vertical continuous electroplating equipment used in the field of PCB (printed circuit board) electroplating, and continues to explore the expansion to ultra-high automation mode.

  • New Energy Composite Copper Foil Department
    New Energy Composite Copper Foil Department

    The equipment is mainly used for anode current collectors in lithium-ion batteries, but can also be used to produce copper-plated films, and can also be used for metallization of flexible materials in various industries.

  • Horizontal Equipment Department
    Horizontal Equipment Department

    It mainly produces Horizontal Wet process equipment (horizontal Wet process equipment) used in PCB (printed circuit board), HDI, IC carrier board (IC Substrate) and lead frame metal etching (chemical Milling industries), with the goal of meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0 automated energy-saving and greening zero-emission production technology.It is suitable for the production equipment of high-density multilayer boards such as consumer electronics, automotive boards, 5G communication equipment, servers, cloud storage, aerospace, etc.

  • Hardware Continuous Line Department
    Hardware Continuous Line Department

    The equipment is mainly used in 5G communications, computers, the Internet of Things, automobiles, electrical energy, aerospace and other fields to achieve high-efficiency and environmentally friendly continuous electroplating production such as galvanized, copper-plated, nickel-plated, tin-plated, gold-plated, and silver-plated.

  • Gantry Equipment Department
    Gantry Equipment Department

    The equipment is mainly used in large-scale semiconductor cleaning, aerospace, automotive, 5G communications, 3C products and other electroplating fields, with a wide range of applications.

  • Vacuum Coating Department
    Vacuum Coating Department

    The vacuum coating division mainly develops high-end magnetron coating equipment. Among them, the vacuum magnetron double-sided copper plating equipment is the front-end product of the horizontal electroplating copper film production line, which is closely connected with the company's horizontal electroplating copper film production line to form an integrated continuous production line of lithium battery copper foil to provide users with integrated services.In addition, various types of vacuum non-standard PVD and CVD equipment, as well as diversified high-end vacuum magnetron coating equipment, can be customized non-standard according to user process requirements, developing in the direction of precision and diversification.Provide R&D services for new problems in the development of downstream industries, and provide intellectual support to high-end customers.

About Us
Continuous focus on electroplating and surface treatment equipment manufacturing
Kunshan Dongwei Technology, founded in 2001, is an equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company is committed to in-depth research and development of PCB (printed circuit board) electroplating equipment, professional and dedicated. The company takes the pursuit of the best productivity in PCB industry as its own responsibility, constantly improves PCB electroplating technology, and provides the most cutting-edge PCB electroplating equipment. Based on the production of traditional PCB primary copper, secondary copper, nickel gold electroplating, PTH, black oxidation and other equipment, the company pushed forward a new patented product - PCB vertical continuous electroplating (VCP), gradually introduced a series of vertical continuous electroplating equipment related to this, and took the lead in realizing the standardization of VCP electroplating equipment design, production process and industrial scale in the industry. Strive to provide PCB manufacturers with electroplating equipment with more stable performance, more advanced technology, easier operation and more economical cost in a new design method
Creating customer demand is the company's business philosophy! In the future, the company will make persistent efforts to break through the past and create brilliance!
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